Wednesday, November 18, 2009

In the Science Lab

Our 6-7 team spent a couple of days in the science lab analyzing soil to determine whether or not it was capable of growing plants for our Global Food Chain unit this marking period. See for yourselves what they discovered!

Crime Scene Investigators

Our 7th grade classes participated in a crime scene investigation project for their Unit 1 assessments. An actual crime scene was created in the school for students to analyze and compile data. They were to take their analysis and investigative work to decide who committed the crime and compile the evidence together. Take a look at some of their work!

Visit to the Dairy Farm

Our 6th grade classes visited, VDS Farms, LLC, a local dairy farm to start off their Unit 2 stories for their ELA classes. Students were given a list of questions to ask the farmer who conducted the tour and also took notes along the way. They had quite an experience!